Wednesday, December 2, 2009


The Eastern State Penitentiary is one of the most infamous innovations in history. ESP corrupted the roles that Society, Religion and Economy play in the rehabilitation of prisoners. I chose ESP as my project because it is close to Philadelphia and it has impacted history so much. For this project, I chose to do a documentary. I also decided to do my NHD project with a group, which consists of Zach Kara, Talissa Riley, and Veasna Huon. The project promises to be a very interesting and history filled documentary.
The main reasons I chose ESP was because of it's location, history behind it and the treatment of prisoners. Due to its close location my group and I will be able to go there and get stick footage and interviews. Those interviews and footage will add a very professional and interesting component to our documentary. Not only will it show we did the project ourselves, but it will also make the information that is being presented tat much more credible. This now leads into the history behind it. There is just so much history behind it. From its' early beginning creation to its' shutting down, so much history has occurred at ESP. A lot of the history is tainted with stories and reports of torture. This factor of its' history really interests me and is the main reason I chose the project.
During my four years at CHS I have done a documentary for NHD for my Junior and Sophmore years. They were very successful and praised by many of my peers and teachers. After I received that praise I obtained a drive and passion for documentaries. Whenever I had an oppurtunity to make a documentary I took it. Due to all of my documentaries that I have made (6) I have gained much experience with documentaries. This project also has a lot of media to be put in to it. I will have live footage of ESP and many videos of it as well, not to mention the interviews we will be conducting. My strength for NHD is in documentaries and I will be playing my strength and making an incredible documentary.
My NHD project is looking like it will be a winner. During the making of my multiple documentaries I have faced the same issue over and over, and that issue is that I overload myself with too much work. This year I have decided to have 4 people in my group. Two of us are very adept at technology and documentary based tools. The other two of us are better adept at research and gathering materials. With each of us exploiting our strengths I believe that we will be able to do a lot of work and not feel rushed or overloaded. We will be able to do a lot more in a shorter amount of time and with that extra time, we will be able to refine and refine our project until we are completely satisfied and prepared for NHD.

As I have resaerched and worked on my NHD project I have seen that many of my decisions were right on point. My topic both interests me and I enjoy researching it. There was more than enough history and primary sources for my project. The choice of project was great. My ability to see a documentary and layout what I want really helped me creat my project. My videos and such really impacted the project well and made it look clear, sharp, entertaining and professional. As for my decision of going with a group, it was a success. Much of the work was done on time and in great quality. I felt a bit more relaxed and focused on the project. It seems that my NHD project this year came out better than what I was expecting.

Monday, November 30, 2009



Wednesday, November 25, 2009

NHD Interview Updates

There has been an update with my NHD interviews. There is an Eastern State specialist, Linda Nylon, who works at the prison, has been in constant contact with me. Linda has agreed to help me with my project as much as she possibly can. I have just received an e-mail from here, as we speak, and she seems very excited about our project. Things have been going very well. Along with the constant research and help we are getting to our goal very quickly.

Monday, November 23, 2009

My NHD Topic

My NHD topic for this year's theme of, "Innovation In History", is The Eastern State Penitentiary. I will be doing a documentary,(as usual), along with Zach Kara, Talissa Riley and Veasna Huon. I have chosen to do this topic, because it was an innovation in the way we treat criminals and also an evolution from tortures to socially acceptable punishment. Without this prison many criminals would have been hanged, tarred and feathered, yank apart by horses, or just plain shot execution style. Another interesting fact about this prison is the amount of money that was put into it. It was the most expensive structure of its time and endorsed by many famous historical figures. There is enough history behind this prison to make a dynamic documentary and has many different type of media sources to go along with it. My team and I will actually be able to have expert interviews in the prison and take some stock footage for the documentary because it is so close to where we are.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Service Learning Week #6

This week was very progressive. There was a lot of good and not a lot of bad. My group cleaned up the room for our future store, we went on a walking trip and found products for our store and designs were made for our room.
We began our day by cleaning up our room for our store. The room was filthy when we opened up the room, by the way we have switched rooms and now have a bigger room. Even though the room we have now is bigger it is filthy and will need a lot of cleaning up and hardcore floor scrubbing. With this in mind, I might ask for a buffer or scrubbing utensil to clean that room.
One group went out to stores in the Gallery to research products to sell in our store. We tried K-mart, but they had nothing we could use. We then went to the store 5-Below and found all of these neat and useful items for our store. We found popular school supplies, there were pencils and pens with princess and Disney characters. All of these things are very popular and we are confident that they will sell. We will use the list we made to figure out the prices for the stuff and figure out how we can make a profit.
While one group was researching products another group was at school designing a layout for the store. Some ideas were very good, like instead of using the shelves which would require approval from the building owner, we could use the bookcases like in the library. We also have a lot more room so we will be able to fit more and have a lot more flexibility with out store and design.
Overall this week was very good. I have to give grades to everyone and I am not going easy or letting anyone slide, because they are my friend. This last week will be very laid back, but I will make sure everyone id doing work or else there will not be any chance of their grade going up.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Meeting with Dr. Davidson

We had a short meeting with Dr. D that went very well. He seemed very excited about our idea and he completely supported us. I am very confident that our school store idea will work. We have so much support and now Dr. D is backing us up. With his support our school store is as good as done. Dr. D gave us some advice, criticism and his views.
The advice that he gave us was very good. He told us to get a student rep. to introduce the bill. Their is a lot a lot of grant money that we could apply for and he told us to take a shot at it. Then he told us about the room and how we could clean it up and how to get money for shelves and things of that nature.
The criticism that he gave us was simple. Dr. D thinks that the school store could be used as many other things and to include that in the bill. Dr. D told us that we would need very trustworthy people to run the store and he didn't know if we had people like that.
His views on the school store are all positive. Dr. D thinks that the school store will help our school and bring in profit. He is happy to help us in any way he can.
The meeting has encouraged me to further pursue the school store. With all this support all we need to do is the writing. I am extremely excited to finish up this project.